DAD Trappers

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Send us a student,

we’ll send you $300.


If you think about it, fur trappers were the original freelancers. They’d venture deep into the Rocky Mountains, hired by fur companies to bring back as many pelts as they could carry. Then if they made it safely back to the trading post they’d get a nice commission for each fur they secured. All in all a good gig for those who didn’t mind the harsh working conditions of the unexplored Colorado wilderness.

And now a couple hundred years later, we need you on the hunt for us. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, students, and anyone else you meet about DAD. We’ll give you whatever you need to share — images, social media copy, stickers, flyers, and other swag. Or, you can just share in your own words. Then every time someone you talked to sends us an application, we’ll send you $300 — all without having to step foot in the wilderness.


  1. If you know someone who’s looking to attend an ad school, tell them to check out DAD.

  2. When they decide to send in an application, have them mention your name to us.

  3. Then if they’re accepted and attend DAD, we’ll send you $300 via Paypal or Venmo.