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First things first –– look at you, you’re here! Get excited. But whatever you do, don’t stress. This will be fun and give us some insight into the type of creative you are, this isn’t exactly a test.

Before you begin filling out the application, please pay the $100 non-refundable application fee below. Once that is paid, you can come back to this page and begin the application. Then before submitting the application, double check that everything below is filled out and that you also remember to upload your work samples to our Dropbox (details below).

After we review your application, we’ll set up a phone interview as the final step. No big deal, just one last chance for each of us to ask questions and to discuss your application.

Ok, now let’s get started…

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One of the most innovative and successful marketing stories in recent history was the Doritos Locos Taco from Taco Bell. Read all about how it came to be here: Now, we want to see what delicious brand mashups you can think of. Take two existing brands and combine them to create an entirely new product. Then, make a quick ad to promote it. Draw something, design a billboard, write a headline, write a 15 second commercial, anything that advertises your new creation in some way. If you're writing something, put it below. If you're designing or sketching something, label the file with your first and last name then add it to this Dropbox link after you submit this form:
Video Breakdown
Ok, we want to see how you break down the creative process. If you don't know these terms, that's ok –– this is why you're coming to DAD –– we've provided you some hints. Watch the following commercial and answer these three questions with a simple sentence, don't overthink it. There are no wrong answers here.
What is the insight?
What is the concept?
How is that concept executed in this particular commercial?
Show and Tell
Enough ads, we want to see your adventurous, eclectic, resourceful, curious selves. What have you done creatively up until this point that proves you can make a career of this? What do you love to do in your free time? What inspires you? What do your friends think you're the best at? We want 3-5 samples of work you've done that is interesting, innovative, or just plain cool. No ads here, so please spare us any billboards or bus shelter ads. Examples of things we want to see include artwork, photography, scripts, sketches, videos, poetry, music, ideas for mobile apps... you get the drift. Don’t have anything you love enough to submit? Well, make us something. Anything. Solve a problem for a brand, write a funny Yelp review, draw a self portrait using only ketchup and mustard, write us a song –– hell, we’d go nuts over a song. Put all your samples together, whether it's in a PDF or zip them up in a folder, label it with your first and last name, and then drop it in our Dropbox after you submit this form: