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A new school for
and risk-takers.


Out west, nestled up against Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, sits a lone creative outpost. A place for the curious and the willing to discover how far their creativity can take them. To get here takes an audacious will, but any good creative knows that nothing interesting ever came out of playing it safe.

Before you seek us out, though, ask yourself one question — are you in search of an ordinary advertising school… or are you in search of adventure?


Feel prepared for
agency life.


At DAD, the top minds from the best agencies in the west will be your guide while teaching you the only way they know how — through working. Learning under real-life creative directors from the top Denver/Boulder agencies in an environment structured to be just like an ad agency, you’ll get what feels like an entire year’s worth of on-the-job training before you even show up to your first day of work.


Choose your path.


Craft the look and feel of a campaign. Make decisions about visuals, photography, type, colors, etc. Learn everything you need to know to become a Jr. Art Director.


Craft the idea or story behind a campaign. Write headlines, scripts, taglines — lots of words, basically. Learn everything you need to know to become a Jr. Copywriter.


Discover the insights that inspire a campaign. Do research and lay the groundwork that allows creatives to create. Learn everything you need to know to become a Jr. Planner.

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It’s all about who we know.


Even if you’ve got the greatest portfolio in the world, it’s still completely useless unless someone actually sees it. At DAD, we make it our job to get you a job by sending your portfolios to all the top agencies in the country. These are just a few of our industry connections and the agencies that could potentially be your first employer. Click below to see the full list.


Blaze a new
trail out west.


Creativity thrives in our thin mountain air. There’s always been a special kind of energy out west, one that draws in dreamers and inspires them to discover new ideas in places that others dared not to look. Like those who once explored this uncharted territory, people and brands are flocking to Denver and Boulder to experience something different, be more innovative, and create work with a renewed sense of purpose. Plus, when you factor in our 300 days of sunshine, world-class skiing, and the beauty of the Rockies in your backyard, where else would you want to spend a year getting ready to begin your creative career?

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