Visit Denver


This is where
creativity thrives.


DAD is located in the River North Art District, or RiNo for short. RiNo is home to the city’s most creative people and businesses including ad agencies, architects, artists, breweries, fashion designers, furniture makers, galleries, film studios, and a ton of studio spaces. We’re constantly inspired by all the awesome things going on in our neighborhood and know you will be, too. They say RiNo is “where art is made”, which is exactly why we picked this as the place for you to kick off your creative career.


“Even as The Mile High City expands, RiNo still clings to its punk-rock roots. You’ll find it in the street murals that seem to pop up overnight, in the experimental galleries that play open house on Friday nights, and in the innovative food halls and rockabilly microbrews that play host to the city’s young, bold, and tattooed.”


Explore the
greatest outdoors.


There’s a reason people spend more time outside in Colorado than any other state, what with all the trails to hike, mountains to ski, and breathtaking views to... take away your breath. (We are a mile above sea level, after all.) When you’re ready to take a break from advertising, here are a few places where you can quite literally get away from it all.



A half-hour from downtown, this world-famous geologically-formed natural amphitheater is a great place to see a concert, go for an easy hike, or sprint up and down the steps if you’re the kind of nut bar who enjoys a challenging cardio workout at 6,400 feet.



About 45 minutes from downtown, a quick 1.5 mile moderate hike takes you up to see beautiful views of the Rockies atop a year-round glacier. On your way back into the city, stop at Beau Jo’s Pizza in Idaho Springs for their special Colorado-style Mountain Pie and then a Burgundy Sour down the street at Westbound & Down Brewing Company.


Drink local. Like, around the block local.


Denver not only boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year, but also 300 breweries every few city blocks. Ok, maybe not that many but there are a whole helluva lot. While most of our favorites are right here in RiNo, any of the places listed below are a great spot to hang out after class.



A cool brewery that’s firmly rooted in punk rock and DIY culture, including a co-owner who used to be in one of Jesse’s favorite local bands. They’re into the science of brewing and finding the “golden ratio” of flavors, plus they’re big supporters of local artists and they named all their brews after bands or albums. Try the Antidote, named after Jesse’s all-time favorite band The Gamits.



Whether you’re gluten-free or just think beer kinda sucks, Stem is our favorite local brewery that’s really experimenting and pushing the boundaries of cider. Try their wilder stuff, like the Chile Guava cider infused with Guajillo Chiles or the A Salted Cucumber cider. If you’re like Heather and don’t feel like going nuts try the Hibiscus Session cider or get a cider slushy.


Get out and get inspired.


If you’re stuck on a campaign assignment or in need of some serious cultural research, you need to get out and find some artistic inspiration. Whether you’re in search of something to buy, a show to see, or a gallery to visit, Denver’s got it — and it’s probably somewhere on Colfax (that’s invariably where all the cool, weird shit is). Check out these places and get exposed to some new ideas.



One of the best independent record stores in the country, Twist & Shout is the go-to spot in town for everything music-related — records, CD’s, movies, books, t-shirts, and tons of other stuff. A veritable Mecca for vinyl collectors, their giant record room has brand new stuff and the super rare, from out-of-print Beatles albums to whatever goofy Ska band Jesse is probably in to at the moment.



One cool thing about Denver is that many of our small clubs also double as national historic landmarks. The Bluebird Theater (opened in 1914) got its start as a movie theatre showing Denver’s first talkies, while the Ogden Theatre (opened in 1917) began as a live performance venue that once hosted the legendary Harry Houdini. Also check out the Gothic Theatre or see what other shows are happening in town.


Eat well, do well.


You’re students for chrissakes, we get it. But while you may be cheap, you still gotta eat well. Luckily, Colorado is not lacking for decent options. Whether it’s a socially and environmentally responsible restaurant, a trendy vegan or gluten-free place, or just really good all-natural fast food there are plenty of spots to hit up in between concepting sessions with your classmates.



Like Chipotle, but want to support something that’s truly local? Not only does Illegal Pete’s serve great tasting and responsibly-sourced Mexican food (and cheap!), they’ve also got some cool punk rock roots and are big supporters of local artists and musicians. Jesse always gets the smothered burrito and Heather likes the fish tacos.



Kind like our version of In ‘N Out, only better, Good Times Burgers and Frozen Custard is our local fast-food favorite that’s been sourcing all-natural and antibiotic-free ingredients before it became cool. If it’s your first time, start off with the classic: a double Good Times cheeseburger, wild fries with dipping sauce, and an Oregon Blackberry shake.